After reading a recent scientific paper from the Aesthetic Surgery Journal looking at the outcomes of breast reduction surgery performed in carefully selected <18 year olds, I thought it would be useful to write a short summary about the current available scientific evidence on breast reduction surgery outcomes.

In summary, breast reduction consistently provides excellent levels of patient satisfaction that is maintained lifelong.  

Patients usually seek breast reduction surgery due to issues with back/neck pain, discomfort from bra straps, rashes and irritation under the breasts and an overall desire for smaller breasts,  Breast reduction surgery consistently has very high satisfaction rates amongst patients.  To demonstrate this, a number of special questionnaires exist that have been shown to reliably report on an individuals physcial, social and psychological well-being.  An example of this is the BREAST-Q questionnaire.  When comparing the scores provided by patients before and after a breast reduction operation, patients consistently show significantly improved scores after a breast reduction.  This increased score suggests an improved level of physical, social and psychological well-being.  Studies have shown that this improvement is demonstrated in those having both small and large volumes of breast tissue removed.  Furthermore, these benefits following breast reduction appear to be maintained may years and even decades after the operation itself.

Breast reduction is an operation I really enjoy doing for patients, as I know it has excellent outcomes and my patients leave clinic happy, healthy and ready to move forward with their lives.

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