Skin Cancer Surgery

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Early intervention from a trained specialist can have a huge impact on the overall outcome in the short- and long-term. Mr Dan Butler has extensive experience in skin cancer assessment and surgery and is well-placed to guide you through your journey to recovery.

Prioritising Regular Skin Checks: A Key Measure in Skin Cancer Prevention

Regular self-examinations and professional check-ups can lead to early detection and more effective treatment, potentially saving lives. Therefore, it is not just about recognising the signs of skin cancer; it's about taking prompt action to protect your health and wellbeing.

Skin Check

Skin cancers are unique amongst all cancers in that we can see them grow. Approximately 50% of people will identify their own skin cancers while conducting their own skin checks.

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Mole removal

Moles and skin lumps can be caused by lots of different things. Although most are harmless, they can be troublesome due to their appearance or from getting in the way with day-to-day activities.

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Skin cancer removal

Skin cancer removal involves an operation to cut out a skin cancer. Although most skin cancer removal procedures are short operations with a low level of risk and short recovery, larger skin cancer removals can carry a greater risk. Early detection and intervention is essential to help minimise the extent of surgery needed.

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Skin cancer reconstruction

After removing larger skin cancers or those in areas with limited skin, a wound results that needs a form of reconstruction. The reconstruction aims to facilitate wound healing whilst also optimising the appearance and function of the area affected. As a consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Butler has extensive training and experience in the field of skin cancer reconstruction.

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