About Us

Mr Daniel Butler

FRCS(Plast), MBA, BSc(Hons)

Mr Dan Butler is a New Zealand and UK-trained specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon based in the Bay of Plenty.  Dan works privately at the Da Vinci Clinic and Grace Hospital in Tauranga and the East Bay Specialist Centre in Whakatane. His public practice is based at both Tauranga and Whakatane Hospitals. With over 15 years of experience in plastic surgery, Dan provides the highest standards of care and creates tailored treatment plans to meet each patient’s individual needs.

After a period working in New Zealand, Dan completed his Plastic Surgical training in London, followed by two years of advanced fellowship training in cosmetic surgery (Harley Street), skin cancer, head and neck cancer and microsurgical reconstructive surgery.  Dan also has extensive experience in adult and child facial palsy surgery having trained and worked at three of the UK’s busiest facial palsy services. He worked as a consultant at two leading plastic surgical centres in the UK (Charing Cross Hospital and Queen Victoria Hospital), before returning to New Zealand.  

Dan is currently chair of the weekly Bay of Plenty skin cancer multidisciplinary meeting, bringing together experts in skin cancer to optimise the care patients in the region receive.  Outside of work he can be found enjoying the active lifestyle the Bay of Plenty offers.

Offering a contemporary practice with patient safety and satisfaction at the forefront is central to Dan’s approach.  To remain up-to-date, Dan regularly attends national and international plastic surgery meetings,

Dr Lia Brugha


Dr. Lia Brugha, is a doctor trained in both the UK and New Zealand with a career spanning 15 years. Known by her patients for her wealth of knowledge and personable approach, Lia consistently delivers treatments that result in a natural, fresh appearance. Her proficiency in achieving these outcomes is a testament to her extensive training and meticulous attention to detail.

Renowned for her results, Lia takes  pride in the positive feedback she receives from her satisfied patients. Her  experience in the medical field, complemented by her role as a local GP, enriches her work in the realm of appearance medicine.

Her comprehensive understanding of overall health and well-being informs her approach to aesthetic treatments, ensuring holistic care for her patients.

What Lia finds most rewarding is the ability to help her patients feel their absolute best, both inside and out. Her philosophy extends beyond  physical enhancement—she is committed to fostering confidence, and a sense of inner wellbeing in all her patients, enabling them to truly shine in all aspects of their lives.

Why choosing the right medical professional for you is so important.

Choosing the right medical professional is one of the most significant decisions you can make for your health and wellbeing. Medical professionals are not just service providers; they are partners in your health journey.

At Butler & Brugha we carefully listen to your concerns, understand your unique needs, and work collaboratively with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan. This relationship is especially crucial in fields like cosmetic and reconstructive surgery or appearance medicine, where the end results can directly impact your self-esteem and quality of life.

With extensive surgical and medical training, Butler & Brugha are not only be up to date with the latest techniques and procedures, but they will also be able to anticipate potential issues and manage any complications that may arise. In fields like plastic surgery or appearance medicine this expertise can mean the difference between a successful outcome and a disappointing or even harmful one.

Finally, the right medical professional should instil a sense of trust and confidence. At Butler & Brugha you should feel comfortable discussing your concerns, confident in our ability to provide the best possible care, and reassured that we have your best interests at heart. After all, a medical professional's role is not just to treat or enhance physical attributes; they also play a crucial part in promoting your overall wellbeing and quality of life.