Facial Palsy Surgery

Restoring facial harmony after facial palsy

Introduction to brow surgery for facial weakness:

Eyebrow surgery for facial weakness typically refers to a procedure aimed at lifting and supporting the eyebrow back into a position that makes it symmetrical with the opposite side. In cases of facial palsy, the eyebrow can sit lower than it would with age related brow descent. As a result, it is common for the brow to require a stronger form of support that is best achieved through a cut made just above the hair of the eyebrow itself (a direct browlift).

At your consultation, Mr Butler will undertake a detailed assessment of your medical history and current facial movements to help determine the treatment options available to you.

Key details of the procedure:

  • Duration: 1  hours
  • Cost: $6000 in clinic, $11000 at Grace Hospital
  • Anaesthetic: Local or general anaesthetic
  • Length of stay: Day surgery